NES Assurance
"Our approach is simple, we work with the very best providers to determine what is the most acceptable means of reimbursement for our clients. Our goal is that our clients and their constituents are treated fairly and competently and that our provider members are paid appropriately and in a timely fashion. Our methodology allows for transparency and predictability on the part of our customers and our providers with no surprises. Our results are derived from a mutual satisfaction that at the end of the day our interests remain the same...the provision of high quality care and the well being of the patient."

A new choice in financial case management where results and relationships matter.


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NES Assurance is a financial case management firm that focuses on pre-certifying providers and proactively engaging them in an effort to reduce overall costs for our members. Unique to the managed care industry and unlike most healthcare cost containment vehicles that utilize one size fits all networks, NES Assurance focuses on containing costs associated with specific diagnoses and medical procedures and by applying individual attention to each case throughout the continuum of care. By creating partnerships with the highest quality providers available and by allowing our customers access to the full spectrum of healthcare services NES Assurance provides a transparent approach to financial case management and the ability to achieve substantial discounts far beyond those of traditional PPOs. At NES Assurance we understand that the focus of healthcare should be on care not on reimbursement and we believe that access to the right care should never be restricted.

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