NES Assurance
"Our approach is simple, we work with the very best providers to determine what is the most acceptable means of reimbursement for our clients. Our goal is that our clients and their constituents are treated fairly and competently and that our provider members are paid appropriately and in a timely fashion. Our methodology allows for transparency and predictability on the part of our customers and our providers with no surprises. Our results are derived from a mutual satisfaction that at the end of the day our interests remain the same...the provision of high quality care and the well being of the patient."


NES Assurance offers claims management and risk control for:

  • Captives looking for comprehensive risk management,
  • International businesses and programs operating in North America,
  • Organizations or Programs with self-insured plans,
  • Insurance professionals and agencies wishing to outsource the management of their plans,
  • and local high net-worth clients whose requirements are not met by the available health plans or liability programs within the US healthcare systems.

At NES Assurance we understand the importance of managing liability insurance for physicians and caregivers, accountants, attorneys, and other professional fields. At NES Assurance this is our specialty and we pride ourselves on being able to provide industry leading results and services that specialize in:

Proactive claims management and sophisticated risk control expertise

We offer centralized administration, heightened claim responsiveness, quality control programs, and consistent, nationwide performance standards to ensure that your money, energy, and resources are spent wisely and not expended wastefully. We also help to make sure that every claim is settled fairly and quickly. With our range of unbundled services, we will design for you a unique program honed precisely to your company’s needs and objectives. Each unique program we develop follows the same guidelines…. making sure we partner with you from start to finish to determine the most cost-effective plan for reducing your exposures and controlling potential loss.Sophisticated resources like predictive modeling and a designated data analytics team help guide decisions

Dedicated service teams with manageable workloads that are accessible and responsive

We provide solutions that encompass the entire risk management process. This comprehensive approach, unique in the industry, combines specialized risk management to help clients achieve their goal of reducing their costs through risk identification, mitigation and prevention, while creating a safer workplace. Seamless program management, from turnkey account implementation through claims resolution.

Information Management

Our proprietary claims management information system transforms ordinary loss data into organized, meaningful information that allows clients to make more timely and intelligent risk management decisions. Our system collects and stores complete, accurate information about every claim and is accessible to all stake holders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it is dynamic in nature and designed to grow with the client as their business and information needs expand. At NES we pride ourselves on the transparency, flexibility, and comprehensiveness of our information management system.

Integrated Disability Management

Keeping insured’s healthy and productive is key to a company’s success. But it is becoming more challenging each day. The full cost of disability can take a large bite out of a company’s bottom line. In fact, it has been reported that the direct costs associated with disability, along with the indirect costs – workstation, replacement employees, training, overtime and job accommodations – can account for as much as 15 percent of payroll. We can offer a comprehensive disability management with a tailor made and integrated disability management program. We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your company’s liability challenges and objectives, then work closely to address your specific challenges, helping to lower the total cost of disability and improve overall productivity for your staff and those covered.

Medical Cost Containment

Our strategic solution is to offer clients the greatest degree of flexibility and choice in the managed care programs and services offered. We achieve this through a national network of exceptionally qualified managed care joint service providers, who work hand-in-hand and system-to-system with us to maximize both the quality of care provided and the effective use of workers compensation healthcare dollars to help employees and employers reduce the impact of injuries and illnesses by returning employees to productive work as quickly as possible. No matter which cost containment solutions are selected, the following objectives always remain priority:

  • Control unit cost through healthcare provider contracts.
  • Maximize healthcare quality, while eliminating unnecessary medical services.
  • Ensure all medical charges are in accordance with state laws and are priced within usual and customary standards or below.
  • Track and record results and report them back to our clients.

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